VIDEO: Ukraine footballer saves opponent's life on pitch

Kankava’s quick actions saved Oleg Gusev’s life
Kankava’s quick actions saved Oleg Gusev’s life

Dnipro football star Jaba Kankava displayed some heroics on the pitch at the weekend and not just of the footballing kind.

In Sunday’s match between Dinamo and Dnipra in the Ukraine’s top flight, Kankava confirmed that there is something more important than rivalry when he saved the life of an opponent.

Fans were left stunned when Dinamo captain Oleg Gusev was left motionless on the ground after a horrible collision in which he received a knee to the head from the Dnipro goalkeeper.

But the quick-thinking Kankava saw the danger and rushed to Gusev and cleared his airway – unquestionably saving the Ukrainian international’s life.

Gusev was seen moments later regaining consciousness as he kicked out before calming down as other players and medical staff rushed to his aid.

Jaba Kankava, you have our respect.