Video: This mind-bending optical illusion trick is going viral

What the?
What the?

A video entered into the 'Best Illusion of the Year' competition is going viral as people try to wrap their heads around how it is possible.

The one-minute video is by a guy called Kokichi Sugihara and it has the less than snappy title 'Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion'.

However, what it lacks in promise it more than makes up for in execution.

Using just cylinders and a mirror the video shows how the exact same cylinders can look completely different from opposite angles.

No, we have no idea how he did it either but we are very, very impressed.

It certainly knocks that blue black/white gold dress argument away in terms of visual illusions.

A video explaining how it works has also been released, but to be honest, we still don't think we get it

Here it is for you to have a look at