VIDEO: This might be the best best man's speech ever

VIDEO: This might be the best best man's speech ever

It's hard enough to come up with a best man's speech, never mind mixing, rewriting and composing six songs together.

Daniel Buccheri gave the best man's speech of a life time at his brother Adrian's wedding, through song. The Australian wrote the song playing the piano and what a great speech it was.

The touching song is actually quite well orchestrated, composing of six different songs, including Sam Smith's Stay With Me, Every Breath You Take by the Police, and he even threw a little bit of Train in there.

Beginning with Stay With Me he jokes about the proposal saying he's glad that "it went to plan, and she didn't say no cause that would be sad", enough to amuse the funny bone rather than to hammer it.

The two brothers are clearly very close and the song, a mix of humour and emotion, really had them going. It ends really nicely with both brothers embracing each other.

The video, posted only recently by the Australian YouTuber has already reached over 1 million views. Adrian must be delighted, or annoyed? Not too sure how he would feel with his brother stealing the show and all.