Video: Terror boss and cop who chased her pose together for sexy photo shoot

Ana Pacheco (right) and Isabel Londono (Pic via revistasoho/Instagram)
Ana Pacheco (right) and Isabel Londono (Pic via revistasoho/Instagram)

A former FARC leader and a cop who once hunted her down have posed for a sexy photo shoot together in Colombia to promote peace.

Ana Pacheco was a former guerilla leader with the Colombian terror group while Isabel Londono was a detective who once worked in the department charged with clamping down on their activities.

Both have now left their old roles behind and they agreed to pose together to show have peace is always possible.

Londono told the Mirror: "At first I was surprised when they asked me to pose with hardly any clothes on with a guerrilla, but I liked the message and we in Colombia are so used to strong images, that we needed to do something shocking to reach the people and show them there is a way to peace."  

En noviembre una portada dedicada a #LaPaz, al mejor estilo de John Lennon y Yoko Ono, posaron Isabel Londoño, exdetective del DAS que persiguió a las #Farc y Ana Pacheco, exguerrillera de las Farc. #LaPazSegúnSoHo

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