Video: Stunning timelapse of powerful storm

The huge strom looms over Arizona (Credit Barcroft Media)
The huge strom looms over Arizona (Credit Barcroft Media)

Powerful storms sweep across the skies of Arizona in a breathtaking timelapse.

Severe thunderstorms were accompanied by sky-shattering lightning when the stunning weather phenomenon took place on October 18.
Storm chaser and photographer Bryan Snider has been getting a rush out of his favourite pastime for as long as he can remember.
The 29-year-old lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where unpredictable weather often provides an incredible spectacle.
Thunderstorms in previous days had flooded parts of the area, but that didn't stop Bryan from taking risks to capture his amazing timelapses.
He said: "When I saw the storm, I grabbed my ladder and went up to the roof of my house for a better view.
"The storm was warned as being severe so it was dangerous.
"Storms prior to this one had already produced some damage along with flooding.
"As a chaser my biggest concern from my position was lightning. 
"Before I got on the roof I observed the storm before I climbed high.  
"Lightning can shoot out a decent way away from the storm, so before going up on the roof I had to observe the storm some time before I felt comfortable getting up high.  
"At that point, the storm was about 30 or more miles away, and with a wide angle lens I was able to capture the beauty of it from a safer distance away."
Bryan's timelapses show one frame a second every three seconds for 300 frames.