VIDEO: Restaurant goer’s fish swallows shot of alcohol

(Pic: liveleak.com)
(Pic: liveleak.com)

This restaurant eater’s fish dish seems not to have been cooked to perfection, as it appears to swallow a shot of alcohol.

The unbelievable video shows a sliced-up fish downing a shot after being served to a restaurant customer.

The fish, which was probably not supposed to still be alive when served to a customers, is given a shot which it visibly physically swallows.

The amazing footage, which was amassed almost 134,000 views on liveleak.com, split the opinion of viewers.

Some watchers felt the fact that the fish was served alive was extremely cruel, with one commenter saying "Of course it’s still alive."

However, another used reasoned that "The fish is cut into several pieces. I don’t think that fish is "alive"…it’s just the nerves reacting to the drink."