Video: Prisoners inside a jail post Mannequin Challenge clip shot on secret phone

A still from the illegally shot video
A still from the illegally shot video

Inmates at the Alabama prison risked adding a lot more to their sentences to take part in the online craze known as the Mannequin Challenge.

Details on how the video made it online are unclear but it shows a large group of male prisoners involved in a fight, working out and at prayer, all in perfect statue-like positions.

Speaking to local media Alabama Department of Corrections Spokesman Bob Horton said that they are investigating how the video was shot and posted online.

However, Horton also revealed that 3,000 mobile phones have been seized in the State's prisons so far in 2016, showing the quantity of phones that are now behind bars.

And that is despite the very harsh punishment for those caught with phones in an Alabama prison.

At least one year and one day extra will be added to an inmate's sentence if caught with a phone, with the possibility of up to 10 years extra on a sentence.