Video: 'Parrot Man' was a star on Jeremy Kyle today

Parrot Man: Ted Richards on the Jeremy Kyle Show
Parrot Man: Ted Richards on the Jeremy Kyle Show

We thought we had seen it all on Jeremy Kyle's morning show on ITV but today's effort was a scenario we never expected.

Even the host himself was shocked at 57-year-old Ted Richards, who had his ears taken off so he could look a bit more like his beloved pet parrots.

With his partner Susie, they just went on the show to tell everyone that they were totally normal people, despite Ted's body modification obsession.

Despite Ted dropping a few unusual lines, such as the one where he confirmed he could never look exactly like a parrot because of their eyes - ‘Obviously I’m never going to look like that because their eyes are at the side of their head – unless I can get my eyes moved’ - he came across as a genuine nice guy who just happened to have one rather unusual obsession.

Viewers on Twitter were full of support for Ted and even Kyle was a fan, saying 'There's nothing wrong with being different'

With a supportive partner the two seem to be very happy so it was one of the more unusual Jeremy Kyle sections for another reason, a rather happy ending.

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