Video: Monkey gets drunk at bar, gets aggressive with a huge knife

Very cheeky monkey
Very cheeky monkey

A monkey in Brazil has scared the life out of drinkers at a bar when it drank some rum and grabbed a knife.

The footage, posted on LiveLeak, shows the little monkey on the roof of the bar with a knife almost as large as its body.

It then aggressively moves towards patrons at the bar in Paraiba, Brazil.

The monkey reportedly got drunk by grabbing and drinking the dregs from rum drinks left around the pub.

It then began to chase customers with the knife before hopping up on the roof.

The Huffington Post quotes fire department Lt Col Saul Laurentino who told a local paper: "It was a bar staff oversight that ended with the monkey drinking some rum and taking the knife."

The monkey was captured and released into a nearby reserve but more aggresive behaviour led to the cheeky monkey being captured again.

"We had to recapture him because he was causing problems and threatening children living near the reserve," Lt Col Laurentino is quoted as saying.

"We will forward it on Saturday to the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) in Sousa. There, they will evaluate whether the animal is able to return to the environment or if it will need to live in captivity."