VIDEO: Man says he didn’t feed seagull chip laced with ketamine

VIDEO: Man says he didn’t feed seagull chip laced with ketamine

A man who uploaded a clip which appeared to show a ketamine coated chip being fed to a hungry and unwitting seagull in Ibiza has said it was a joke.

Ketemine is a psychoactive drug which is used as an anaesthetic in operations and as a recreational narcotic. 

British holidaymaker Josh Greenwood uploaded the clip which shows a white powder being poured from a resalable bag onto a chip which is promptly devoured by a seagull.

Greenwood wrote alongside the clip: “The lads over here in Ibiza have got sally the seagull fucked up of a chip with some KETchup on it!”

The often outraged online community were hot on the clip, with Greenwood writing: “people are messing me saying that the police are coming for me and I'm going to get battered”.

Greenwood has since denied that he fed a seagull ketamine, telling the Mail Online:

“My mate put salt on a chip and a seagull ate it while I filmed.

“It's called a joke. I have my mother on Twitter do you think I would publicly post something like that if it was what it's made out to be?

“It's called sarcasm! Making a joke out of it because of people like you overreacting to something that wasn’t even what it was made out to be.”

Greenwood’s solicitor Paul Booth told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner the video: “Salt is put on a chip which it is pretended is a drug and the chip is left for a seagull which takes the chip.

“This was a silly joke by a young man on holiday with his mates, who never intended it to be viewed by anyone outside his circle of friends. No drug was put on the chip, nor was the bird harmed in anyway.”