Video: Man addicted to flesh tunnels makes Guinness Book of Records

Miggler showing off his unique face
Miggler showing off his unique face

A 22-year-old from Germany has enetered the Guinness Book of Records because of his addiction to 'flesh tunnels'.

A flesh tunnel is, in case you don't know, a hollow, tube-shaped variety of body piercing jewellery. You have probably seen a few people with them in their ears on the bus but Joey Miggler takes it one or two steps further.

He has massive holes in each cheek, so large in fact that he can stick his tongue, which is forked of course, through the holes.

Miggler got his ear done at 13 and now, nine years later, he has 27 piercings, six tattoos as well as something called 'buttock branding' which we are not even going to Google, you can do that yourself.

The German makes the annual book as the person with the most flesh tunnels, and here is a video showing him in all his glory.