Video: Lightening strike in Dublin

Video: Lightening strike in Dublin

This footage, which was shot yesterday by a lecturer from the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, shows a bolt of lightning strike the college.

Lecturer Nicola Duffy said: “I was going out to film the heavy rain for my mother who lives in Letterkenny in Donegal and is known as the weather woman in our family.

“She was telling me she had hailstones in Donegal and I said wait until you see the weather we’re having in Dublin.

“Then the lightning struck and I fell back, I thought something had fallen out of the sky.

“I thought there may have been some damage but I checked and there was none. The college told me we’re protected against lightning.

“I went out and bought a lottery ticket - here’s hoping I win.”

A spokesperson for the college said an exam hall close by was briefly disrupted by the massive bang, but no other damage was caused.