Video: Jeremy Kyle 'frightened' as meets granny with size 34MM boobs

Sharon Perkins
Sharon Perkins

Jeremy Kyle admitted to being frightened of a guest this week, because she had 34MM boobs.

The chat show host has dealt with all sorts of dodgy characters in his time but it was 50-year-old granny Sharon Perkins that finally put the wind up him.

Kyle first interviewed her partner Carl who claims that the massive boob job, taking her from a 34DD to a 34MM, saved their sex lives.

Sharon now has the second biggest fake boobs in Britain and wants to get into glamour modelling.

Before Sharon came out Carl boasted about how great their sex lives were and how he loves the attention she gets from other men.

When she joined him on stage Kyle said: "I've never seen anything like it. I'm frightened to approach you."

It was revealed on the show that the breasts weigh 7lbs (3.15kg), the same as one and a half bowling balls.

Unusually for Kyle's show the pair - Carl and Sharon - seemed very happy together, leaving Jeremy with no option but to wish them all the best in one of the more bizarre items in the show's long history.

Watch the entire segment below: