Video: Irish lad Skypes his parents while jumping out of a plane

Roger Ryan's stunned parents during the call
Roger Ryan's stunned parents during the call

An Irish backpacker who wanted to give his parents a taste of his travels surprised them with a Skype call seconds before jumping out of a plane.

Roger Ryan, who is travelling through Australia on a round-the-world trip, gave his parents the shock of their lives when mid-sentence he announced: “Ok, I’ve got to jump from an aeroplane now, talk to you in a second.”

“He's jumping out of a plane?,” his bemused mother asks, while his dad replies unconvinced: “You’re an eejit.”

His parents are left stunned however when the camera pulls out and shows Roger jumping from the plane.

“I thought he was on a bus!” shouts his father, quickly followed up with a shocked “F**K off!”

The footage goes to show Roger free falling more than 14,000 feet as his astonished parents watch on in horror.

Unable to look, his mother hides her face.

Delighted as he lands, she shouts: “I wouldn’t have thought that was possible!”

Roger signs off with a wave and a smile.