Video: Man returning from Australia organised a surprise proposal at Dublin Airport this morning

The happy couple
The happy couple

Louise Mooney came to pick up boyfriend Martin Muldoe at Dublin Airport but he had a surprise in store for her.

The Monaghan woman was coming to pick up her partner of three years off a flight from Australia.

However, when she arrived, Martin had been there for hours, roping in the help of airport staff to assist him. The now husband to be also organised for a choir to be present.

Speaking to Independent.ie, Louise said she was not expecting a proposal when she arrived to the airport. "I thought the cameras were here for Conor McGregor! That's what (my family) told me... I thought we were going to see Conor McGregor!"

Martin told Independent.ie that the couple met in the airport exactly three years to the day. "We met in terminal three years ago now - three years today".

"I was giving him my sister's engagement ring to bring back to Australia", Louise added, "and now I've got another one in the airport!"

The happy couples Christmas plans "are celebrating, now!" Louise laughed.

Louise and Martin had been living in Australia together for the last two years. Louise had returned almost four months ago to begin a college course, and had just sat her final exam this morning before heading to the airport.