Video: Four people film, and survive, terrifying bridge collapse

bridge collapse.jpg
bridge collapse.jpg

Four French hikers were lucky to survive after a bridge they were crossing in New Zealand collapsed under them.

The incident happened in early September but the footage has only just been released now.

The hikers were exploring New Zealand's Te Urewera National Park when they crossed the Hope Ruahine bridge, on the Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk section of the park, which should have been suitable for 10 people to cross at any one time.

However as the footage captured by one of the hikers shows, the bridge collapsed, sending the tourists plunging 28ft into a shallow river.

The New Zealand authorities are investigating the incident which was caused by a cable snapping, tipping the tourists off the bridge.

Miraculously the hikers escaped with just some scratches and some bruising from the fall.