Video: Foul-mouthed RTE News 'FHRITP' prankster has struck before

Not his first: Martina Fitzgerald's report being interrupted
Not his first: Martina Fitzgerald's report being interrupted

Monday evening was not the first time this youth, who interrupted Martina Fitzgerald on RTE Six One News with the foul cry of 'F*** her right in the p****', has struck on Irish television.

In the video from Monday night's RTE News broadcast, a young male enters the frame and shouts 'F*** her right in the p****', following a bizarre trend for shouting this phrase at reporters on live TV.

A young female also appears on screen during the brief interruption.

The camera quickly cut to Brian Dobson back in the studio, who apologised to viewers for the incident.

Fitzgerald has been widely praised on social media for staying so composed during the prank.

However, the young man featured in the video has previous for this kind of behaviour.

Last year, he interrupted a UTV Ireland Live programme (also from outside Government buildings), shouting the exact same phrase during Mary Regan's broadcast:

Keep an eye out for any future news broadcasts in front of Government buildings.