VIDEO: Beauty blogger recommends sperm facials to improve skin

Tracy Kiss
Tracy Kiss

28-year-old Tracy Kiss from Buckinghamshire, UK, has revealed that she gets daily semen facials.

The beauty blogger gets the sperm from a helpful friend and recommends other girls do the same.

The former topless model says that semen is a natural, nourishing moisturiser that gives her glowing, healthy skin.


The single mum-of-two who suffers from the skin condition rosacea says the love juice feels cool and refreshing on her face.

The model rubs it on and leaves it to sink in for around 20 minutes before wiping it off.


"I would put it in comparison to when you have chewing gum in your mouth and you breathe in, it's a cold, cooling, refreshing feeling”, she said.

"It's absolutely beautiful."


The model says she doesn’t milk the joy juice herself; instead a pal drops down a small deposit in a small takeaway tub, every day.

Tracy suggests couples can work together on the rigid new beauty regime.

Semen contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, fructose and proteolytic enzymes that may help to break down dead skin.