Video - Daniel O'Donnell hits out at the Cliff Richard investigation

O'Donnell is a close friend of Cliff Richard
O'Donnell is a close friend of Cliff Richard

Daniel O’Donnell has spoken about the ordeal his friend Cliff Richard lived through as he made an emotional appearance on RTE’s Late, Late Show.

The Sunday World columnist hit out at way allegations of sexual abuse were handled by the UK police and media, as he suggested the case should have been kept confidential until evidence of wrongdoing was uncovered.

Richard was exonerated of all the claims as he was offered an apology by the South Yorkshire police and the BBC, following their extensive coverage of the raid on his home by officers in 2014.

Now O’Donnell has spoken out in a passionate interview with Ryan Tubridy.

“He is very relieved it is all over obviously and all the way through he was confident, but there was always a feeling of what if this goes wrong,” stated Daniel.

“All of us who know Cliff were annoyed about this went on. His name was out there before there was any concrete evidence at all.

“What he is trying to do is move on. It was an incredible intrusion into his life and he just couldn’t understand why he was treated in that way.”

Watch an extended clip of Daniel’s comments on Cliff Richard here: