Video - Could these be the next Irish X Factor stars?

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Barman Anton Banaghan caught the eye of the judges
Barman Anton Banaghan caught the eye of the judges

A couple of Irish contestants caught the eye of the judges in the final round of X Factor auditions on Saturday night, with Anton Banaghan and Joe McCaul making it through to the next round.

Anton is originally from Romania, but he was representing Ireland on X Factor and made a big impression with this audition:

Meanwhile, Joe had a challenge audition in front of lead judge Simon Cowell and his demanding side-kicks, after his first song fell flat.

The signing who represented Ireland in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest alongside his sister Donna bounced back with a second audition that ensured he made it through to Boot Camp.

Could Ireland have an X Factor winner on their hands in 2015? Let us know what you think.