Video: China's 50-lane traffic jam is just insane

Gridlock: A still from the traffic jam video
Gridlock: A still from the traffic jam video

You'll never complain about Irish traffic again when you see this Chinese traffic jam.

Captured earlier this week on a motorway known as the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, the road has 50 lanes and it is one of the world's widest and busiest roads.

China celebrated its National Day on October 1 but the holiday goes on for a full week.

The huge movement of people back to Beijing from the rest of the country afterwards led to the monster traffic jam at a toll bridge outside the city after a new checkpoint dramatically reduced the lanes to just 20 shortly after the toll.

The footage is simply jaw dropping.

The Chinese government estimate that 750 million people, half the country's population, are on the move during the seven day holiday.