Video: Canadian man floats into sky using balloons attached to a chair

Daniel Boria 'Up' in the air
Daniel Boria 'Up' in the air

We've all seen the movie, and we've all THOUGHT about doing it but one man in Canada has actually gone and done it.

Daniel Boria fulfilled a dream by attaching a load of helium-filled balloons to a deck chair and floating into the sky over a local festival in Calgary.

However, while the folks on the ground loved the spectacle, those who police the air were not impressed, as Boria violated a lot of aviation rules by just getting up there.

It wasn't a cheap stunt either, as Boria told the Calgary Herald that he spent almost €9,000 on the helium to fill the 120, six foot long balloons he used to get his deck chair up in the sky.

Armed with an oxygen tank, Boria was never in any danger during his 20-minute flight and he filmed the entire trip with two GoPro cameras, and the videos will be used to promote his company.

The stunt was completed when Boria jumped out of the chair, with a parachute of course, where he drifted down to earth and after a brief chat with police he was released.

And here he is taking off...

And whatever you do, adults or kids, don't try this at home.