Video: Camera man on a Segway knocks Usain Bolt to the ground

Bolt after his win but before the accident
Bolt after his win but before the accident

Usain Bolt defeated Justin Gatlin to claim a second sprint gold at the World Athletics Championships, but he was brought back down to earth, literally, by a wayward camera man after the race.

In the post-race celebrations in beijing a camera operator lost control of the Segway he was operating and ploughed into the world's fastest man.

Luckily for all concerned Bolt seemed none the worse for the accident.

In the race Bolt beat two-time drug cheat Justin Gatlin to secure the World Championship sprint double.

Four days on from riding to the rescue of his beleaguered sport in the 100 metres, the Jamaican attempted to make it four successive half-lap world crowns.

Gatlin, cast as athletics' number one villain, again stood in his way but once more failed to wrestle away gold as Bolt held strong down the home straight to win with a world-leading 19.55 seconds.