VIDEO: Bank robbed a second time during live news report

TrendingBy Emily Bodkin
Robber was caught on live news report
Robber was caught on live news report

The suspect in a robbery in a bank in Rochester, Minnesota on Monday apparently returned Tuesday and robbed the same bank again but was caught on live TV.

Adam Sallet, a reporter with KIMT-TV was doing a live update of the Monday's robbery when a employee ran out from the building and pointed to a man walking north.

'That's the robber' said the employee.

'That's him right there'

Sallet can be heard saying, 'This is live TV folks'.

He cuts short the report to inform the authorities.

'I have to go, I have to call 911' he says before going out of shot.

A man was arrested by the police 45 minutes late in a nearby town and is currently remains in custody.