Video: 92-year-old Judo Sensei would kick your ass

Another one bites the dust (Pic: Barcroft Media/Groupon)
Another one bites the dust (Pic: Barcroft Media/Groupon)

MARTIAL arts master Jack Hearn is the oldest active Judo Sensei in the UK - and at 92 years old, he has no plans of bowing out.

The great-great-grandfather, from Cramlington, Northumberland, holds a 9th Dan black belt, making him one of the country’s highest-graded players.

"Those that think they’re past it: Get up off your butt and get and do something," Jack advises his fellow older generation in the video:

Now the plucky pensioner is working alongside Groupon on a campaign to encourage Britain’s retirees to try something new.

Recent research from Groupon has found that retired Brits are now 15% more active than the rest of the nation and spend more time outdoors than most 18-24 year olds, with 35% saying that risky activities make them feel younger.

To enter a competition to have the chance to train with Jack, go to www.gr.pn/jack.

Barcroft Media/Groupon