Video: 19-Year-Old skydiver performs stunning mid-air choreography

Video: 19-Year-Old skydiver performs stunning mid-air choreography

FEARLESS skydiver Anastasia Barannik runs through an array of acrobatic dance moves as she plummets through the air.

The 19-year-old has racked up almost 500 jumps to date - despite only two years of competitive freestyle skydiving.

The young Russian has also had to cope with tragedy after her former coach, Russia’s national champion Vilegzhanin Nikolay, passed away after a tragic BASE jump accident.

She said: “He taught me a lot in the wind tunnel. It’s really hard for me to realise that he is no longer with us.

“I’m sure he’s is still watching and helping me from heaven.”

But despite the personal heartbreak and a year out of the sport, Anastasia is now hoping to follow in his footsteps by becoming the country’s top freestyle skydiver.

The video shows Anastasia, who is a student at Sratov University of Economics in her native Russia, during the 2015 freestyle skydiving World Cup in the Netherlands and competing in the Russian Nationals.

Revealing the preparation behind her acrobatic moves, Anastasia said: “I started a special program to prepare and train some cool moves, it’s really helped.”

An accomplished gymnast and ballroom dancer, the young skydiver has used her previous sporting experience to give her an edge against her competitors.

She said: “My first competition took place in July 2015, this was an open cup of Moscow where I took second place. Next I went to the World Cup 2015 in Holland where I took fourth place.

"“This is a great victory for me, for a girl who started training recently.”

With a promising career ahead of her, the skydiving student is determined to make the people that have helped her on her incredible journey proud by winning the World Championship in Chicago later this year.

“I have to live up to all those hopes of people helping me achieve the goal, supporting me and believing in me,” she added.