Vegan cafe owners argue with customers over internet ban

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Vegan cafe owners argue with customers over internet ban

Vegan cafe owners have been involved in a Facebook spat with their customers after they banned the use of the internet.

Matt Ward, 45, and Dawn Silver, 44, who own the Goat Cafe in Trinity Street, Huddersfield, banned WiFi and all technical devices from their restaurant because the pair believed it "exploited humans" and was inappropriate for their vegan ethos, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

The last message they shared on the company's Facebook account stated they were no longer using social media or accepting certain payment methods.

The post read: "[We are] no longer accepting card payments [or] posting updates".

Their upload upset regular customers, but the pair refused to apologise to their disheartened clients and in fact slammed them.

In reply to one visitor who had cancelled their plans to dine at the Goat Cafe, they said: "F**k you Bethany, and f**k your plans!(sic)."

They also branded another person a "control freak".

The pair have since closed the store due to "rewiring works", according to their social media site.