US town goes on sale for $8million

Cal-Nev-Ari (pic: RV Parking)
Cal-Nev-Ari (pic: RV Parking)

Got eight million dollars to spare? Then you could snap up an entire town 70 miles south of Las Vegas.

Nancy Kidwell is putting Cal-Nev-Ari up for sale, including the town's casino, diner, convenience store, 10-room motel, RV park and mile-long dirt airstrip.

The only things not for sale are the residents themselves, some privately owned homes, the small community centre and a volunteer fire station built by Clark County

Mrs Kidwell, 78, and her husband, Slim, founded the town in 1965 when it was just an empty swathe of land along US 95.

Now it is home to about 350 people, but Mrs Kidwell said she can't sustain it.

Slim died in 1983 and her second husband died in 2011, leaving the bulk of maintaining the town to her.