Underwear brand show how much boobs weigh using everday items

An example of the Curvy Kate weighing system
An example of the Curvy Kate weighing system

A UK undewear brand has released data showing how much women's breasts weigh using everday items, including pizzas, iPads, frying pans and pork chops.

If you ever wanted to know how much your boobs weigh in comparison to everyday objects, look no further.

Underwear brand Curvy Kate used data from Portsmouth University to work it out, with interesting results.

Looking at data for a 32-34 back size, researchers found that boobs typically weigh 57.5g each for every cup size they go up.

A C-cup is found to weigh the same as an orange, while a K-cup is similar in weight to a sausage dog.

The brand said that they carried out the study to get women thinking about the weight they are carrying around on their chests.

A Curvy Kate spokesperson said: "When we found out exactly how much this was we thought a fun way to inform people would be to use inanimate objects such as pizza, tomato ketchup, squirrels and iPads that people can relate to.

"It’s a bit of fun and a conversation starter."

The #weightoffmychest hashtag took off on Twitter, with users sharing the weight off their boobs through Curvy Kate’s data.