Two hospitalised in Cavan after breathing in chicken poo

Chicken Dropping (Pic: ruleworks)
Chicken Dropping (Pic: ruleworks)

Medics at Cavan General Hospital have reported that two people were admitted with Bird Fancier’s Lung (BFL) after breathing in very fine pieces of chicken poo.

A 37-year-old female scientist and a 56-year-old farmer, who both work in a mushroom processing plant, are believed to have inhaled the bird excrement during prolonged periods of exposure to poultry manure, which is used as compost for the mushrooms.

Cavan General Hospital reports that the scientist, who is a non-smoker, presented with a persistent cough, shortness of breath and night sweats over 18 months.

The farmer, who is also a non-smoker, presented with a long standing cough and green mucus.

Reports indicate that the farmer worked as a contract cleaner in the compost area of the mushroom processing plant while the scientist worked in the mushroom compost processing plant.

The scientist was removed from work and recovered while protective equipment was issued to the farmer and he “continues to be monitored”.