Turns out a very large percentage of people on Tinder are married

Tinder is hugely popular
Tinder is hugely popular

Data on exactly who all those people on dating app Tinder actually are reveals that a lot of them are actually married.

The Guardian have a story based on a report from Global Web Index which has looked at 47,000 active users of the hugely popular app.

And the big news is that 30 per cent of users surveyed are in fact married, while a further 12 per cent are in relationships. That means almost half the people on Tinder probably shouldn't be there.

Also, the app is much more popular with men than women with 62 per cent of users being male.

As for the age breakdown, the vast majority of users surveyed are under 34, with 38 per cent between 16 and 24 while a further 45 per cent are between 25 and 34.

Tinder got in touch with the Guardian regarding the number of married people on the site and they argued that the app wasn't only for dating.

“Tinder is a social network and these are many use cases for it - not just dating. People are using it to make new friends, to network, and they use it when they travel to meet new people in the area,” said the spokesperson.

“With tens of millions of users in all 196 countries, Tinder has quickly become the most prominent way people connect with others. Tinder has already made more than six billion matches globally.”