Tortoise on the run

Tortoise on the run

A 100-year-old tortoise has walked over six miles in 10 days.

Touche escaped from her home in Fresno, California, on August 9, leaving her owner Nancy Knauss in a state of panic, but was found just over a week later 6.5 miles away.

Speaking to the KUTV.com, Ms Knauss explained: "We posted on a lot of sites and we put fliers in people's mailboxes saying we had lost a tortoise and to please keep your eyes open, she could be in anybody's yard or garden."

Nancy was particuarly concerned for Touche's whereabouts as she is a centenarian and is near-sighted.

But ten days after her beloved pet - who she has owned for 55 years - vanished, a gentleman got in touch to tell her he may have spotted the tortoise in his neighbour's garden.

Ms Knauss said: "There's a lot of bad in the world right now, but there's a lot of really good people that care, too."

The pair have now been reunited.