Three- year-old to have his name legally changed to Popcorn

Three- year-old to have his name legally changed to Popcorn

A couple want their son's name to be legally changed to Popcorn because he would ‘kick in the womb like the popping that happens when you put the corn in the saucepan’

Huw Roberts and Hazel Williams son Diesel has been known by the nickname since he was in the womb refuses to be called anything else.

After naming the boy Diesel on the birth certificate it soon became apparent that it just didn’t fit – ‘Popcorn, it was the obvious choice’.

Next year the couple from Conwy in North Wales are hoping to legally change the name by deed poll.

"We've been looking into it for ages now, but we just haven't got round to giving him a proper name," Miss Williams said.

Self-employed mum of three Hazel said "All of our friends call him it and like it too. There are a few people in the family who don't really agree with it, but I'd rather not discuss them to be honest."

Diesel, who is due to start nursery next year is the baby of the family, as he has two teenage sisters, Paige, 14, and Tyler, 16.

“For one thing we were unsure if we would be allowed to change it to Popcorn, but we just feel it keeps popping up and we want to have it made official.” Hazel said.

According to a national database of babies' names, Popcorn will become the first child in the UK to go by that name, should it be changed legally.