This very creepy clown is terrorising residents in the borough of Staten Island, New York

Creepy: The clown is snapped with some inviting signs....
Creepy: The clown is snapped with some inviting signs....

Residents in Staten Island, New York are becoming increasingly terrified by a clown who keeps showing up in random place in the borough.

Similarly dressed to Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King's IT, he has been snapped lurking in various spots throughout Staten Island. 

On March 20, twitter user Robert Privitera clocked the clown and tweeted "Guess who's not sleeping tonight! The f****** things you see in Staten Island man. People are crazy", along with the following picture. 

“Bro I did a double take,” he said after, “my heart stopped.”  
Michael Leavy instagrammed the following photo two weeks ago with the caption: "Ok so I'm a little freaked out right now. I was driving home from Buffalo Wild Wings and saw this waving at me. #wtf ... is this real life?"
There has been speculation that the clown is in the employ of Staten Island-based company Production on the Lens Productions and is being used to create hype around their company. 
The case is similar to the one that made headlines in the UK late last year. A clown terrorised the town of Northampton when he kept showing up in various places, both at night and during the day. 
The Northampton clown drew much criticism from locals who were terrified by his nighttime wanderings.
In a survey undertaken just this week it was found that clowns are in the UK's list of top ten fears, along with spiders, blood and snakes. 
An NY comedian actually filmed the clown in the middle of the day as he was driving on Richmond Avenue in Staten Island (WARNING: Graphic Language).