This man has his friends' pubic hair glued to his face for his stag do

Harsh: Longley is going to have a long weekend by the sounds of it...
Harsh: Longley is going to have a long weekend by the sounds of it...

There's no end to the list of horrible things that have been done on stag do's.

The latest in a long line of pretty horrifying punishments is this Crawley man who has his friends' pubic hair glued to his whole face. 

Mark Longley has been gaffer taped to a wheelchair wearing nothing but incontinence pants, clown shoes and colourful socks, Crawley News reports. 

His friends have also, rather crassly, drawn a huge penis on his chest and Crawley News said they were encouraging members of the public to draw on his naked torso during a train journey to Bognor Regis in the UK earlier today. 

Also, and this bit is fairly brilliant, he's been given a cabbage to hold for the whole weekend he's away with the chaps. 

Steve West, who is the best man and the one who organised the cruel prank, posted this photo on Facebook today and wrote: "Last year my good friend Mark Longley asked me to be his best man.

"I was honoured and thought it was very nice of him...but also very silly because he's now on his stag do, on a train to Bognor, gaffer taped to a wheelchair, in just a pair of incontinence pants, clown shoes, silly socks, a penis drawn on his chest and lots of strangers writing on him and has many of his friends' pubes glued to his face.

"He's also holding a cabbage that is his best friend for the weekend. If he drops it or puts it down he's going to be doing forfeits. Personally I think he looks like a bit of a plonker."

It's going to be a long weekend for Mark Longley but at least he's getting married and never has to associate with his mates ever again.