This has to be the most comical attempt by an insurance scammer!

Ouch: The insurance scammer goes back for seconds
Ouch: The insurance scammer goes back for seconds

This supposed insurance scammer is possibly the most graceful criminal we've seen.

Dashcan footage captures the moment a man, apparently looking to falsely injure himself for insurance purposes, leap onto the bonnet of an oncoming car. 

His majestic and elegant dive is second only to his comical slide down the front of the car. When nobody seems to pay him much attention he simply gets up and walks away... But not before he tries it again with another oncoming car. 

This time he really does look like he's injured himself as he bounces off a vehicle, which drifts off from the scene possibly aware they've been targeted by an insurance scammer 

The footage was originally uploaded to LiveLeak with the title 'Insurance scammer tries his luck on two cars'.

"The first time wasn't real enough so he tries again with another passing Car..Gotta admire his determination."