Thinking of pulling a sickie? Here are the 10 most common excuses

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A few pointers if you are planning on ringing in sick any time soon
A few pointers if you are planning on ringing in sick any time soon

The top 10 most frequently used excuses when ringing in sick have been revealed.

With the weather getting close to summer type conditions, this is peak season for deciding to take a day off to enjoy the sunshine. Or to sleep off a hangover after one too many in the beer garden the day/night before.

But a survey by a recruitment company in the UK has found out the most commonly used excuses so if you are planning on taking a sneaky day off, you might want to avoid these.

  1. I’m sick
  2. A member of my family is sick
  3. I’m in A&E
  4. My phone battery died
  5. My dog is sick
  6. I was robbed last night
  7. I fainted on the way to work
  8. I don’t feel like going in
  9. I’ve broken my leg
  10. I’m locked out of my house

They also asked employers what were the most stupid excuses they ever heard, so maybe avoid these too.

  1. Oh, I thought it was Sunday…is it Monday today?
  2. My dog ate my iphone so I couldn’t find the place
  3. We have had a bereavement in the family… budgie died
  4. I’ve been waiting for a bus for 3 hours
  5. I’m really sorry I cannot make it into work this morning as I have sunburned feet