VIDEO: Thief stuffs snake in his pants

VIDEO: Thief stuffs snake in his pants

A man has been caught on security footage stuffing a snake down his pants.

A to Z Pets shop owner Christin Bjugan caught the reptile thief on his CCTV system nabbing his beloved creature from his cage in Portland, Oregon, according to Fox News.

The video clip shows the unidentified criminal entering the store and casually walking up to the cage before opening the enclosure and grabbing hold of the black pastel ball python.

The thief then stuffs the slithery snake, which generally grow between four and six feet long - down the front of his pants.

Watching the footage, Mr Bjugan gasped with shock: "You'll see him put it in his pants. Yuck. Just drops it in the front."

Black pastel ball pythons can cost anything from $350 to $1500.