The Top 10 bucket list activities

The Top 10 bucket list activities

The Top 10 bucket list activities that people are prepared to spend £10k to complete have been unveiled.

A survey has been carried out to find how much people are willing to splurge on doing activities before the die.

Among those ranked in the top five bucket list activities are Going on safari (£5,600) and walking The Great Wall of China (£1,139).

Joe Gardiner, head of brand and communications for TotallyMoney.com, said: "We all have a bucket list, but many of us probably don't take the time to work out how much it would cost to complete. If you're serious about getting everything done before you kick the bucket, then that's where you have to start."

And for those who want to save up to complete the activities, there's a bucket list calculator which tells you how much of your salary you will need to put aside.

The Top 10 Bucket List Activities

1. See the Northern Lights (average cost: £572)

2. Go on safari (average cost: £5,600)

3. Walk the Great Wall of China (average cost: £1,139)

4. Visit the Grand Canyon (average cost: £1,181)

5. Go on a cruise (average cost: £1,338)

6. See the Egyptian Pyramids (average cost: £1,112)

7. Go whale watching (average cost: £2,000)

8. Spend New Year's Eve in New York (average cost: £1,103)

9. Gamble in Las Vegas (average cost: £1,109)

10. Take an American road trip (average cost: £3,365)

To view the bucket list calculator visit www.totallymoney.com