Revealed: The six words women hate the most

Whatever you do, don't use these six words
Whatever you do, don't use these six words

A study has revealed the top six words that women really hate to hear.

An underwear company in Canada called Knixwear asked Mark Liberman from the University of Pennsylvania to speak to 500 women to find out their least favourite words.

Over 40 words popped up as making women uncomfortable, and top of that list was the universally hated word 'moist', with 77 per cent of those surveyed saying it made them uncomfortable.

Speaking to Yahoo Health Paul Thibodeau, a language psychologist at Oberlin College said that the 'oist' sound is the probable key to the disgust, rather than the meaning of the word.

Next was 'squirt' which 68 per cent felt uncomfortable with. Again, Thibodeau suggests it is the sound of the word that puts a lot of people off but we think the way the word has taken on a sexual meaning may also play a part.

'Panties' is third on the list with over half, 54 per cent, disliking the word, mainly because it conjures up both the innocent world of childhood and the adult world of sex, according to Thibodeau.

Next is 'chunky', a no-no with 40 per cent of those asked. It is okay when linked to peanut butter, Kit Kat or salsa, but apart from that it should never be used.

Ratherly bizarrely, 'curd' is next and while it is an unpleasant sounding word, we don't hear it too often in Ireland. However, this study was conducted in Canada, where cheese curds are a feature of their natioanl dish, poutine. Our advice for distressed Canadian women is move here, you'll never hear that word again.

And rounding out the top six is 'flap', which is odd but Thibodeau suggests the dislike of the word may be linked to its similarity to a slang word for masturbation, 'fap.