The reason behind the 9-minute snooze revealed

The reason behind the 9-minute snooze revealed

Ever wonder why 10 minutes always seems so short after hitting snooze in the morning? Well there’s a logical reason behind this.

iPhone alarm clock are only programmed to snooze for 9 minutes at a time, this is a tradition that dates back to the good old days of the analogue clock.

On a Q & A website, Quora, one user revealed the reason behind Apple's meagre snooze time.

Nic Lake wrote: "Early clocks and watches had gears that made it difficult to set a snooze for exactly 10 minutes.

"So they aimed for less than 10 minutes, aka 9 minutes. Was a pretty standard thing till the 50s.

“Then, when digital clocks came about, it was much easier to code in a 9 minute snooze.

"All they had to do was take the last digit of the previous alarm (say, 5), subtract 1 (now 4), and set the new alarm to go off the next time that number came up. So, 6:45 --> 6:54, and so on.”

Apple decided to keep that tradition going in their phones, and it doesn't look like changing any time soon.