Marian Keyes has sparked off a new craze – Poldark bingo

Marian Keyes has sparked off a new craze – Poldark bingo

BEST selling author Marian Keyes has sparked off a new craze – Poldark bingo!

The Twitter game was invented by Marian as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the BBC series, which has made a huge star in Britain out of Dubliner Aidan Turner (31).

The former Misfits actor beefed up for his role as the Cornwall man and has had many swooning at his topless and near naked scenes.

The basic premise to Marian’s game is that whenever you spot something that’s featured on the bingo card, you mark it off and take a swig of (preferably Cornish) alcohol or a bite of some suitably Cornish food, perhaps a pasty.

Dubliner Marian (51), whose latest novel The Woman Who Stole My Life is out now, says: “It came about from a conversation me and my husband Tony were having one Sunday morning about Poldark being on one evening.

“We were having a laugh, saying that 37 minutes of each episode is the same footage of Ross galloping along the edge of a cliff.”

She says that started the couple off listing all the clichés that occurred in the first few episodes.

“Even though we like the show, we were killing ourselves laughing,” she chuckles.

“I don’t know where the idea to do it as a bingo card for Twitter came from. Mind you, I spend most of my life on Twitter and any opinion I have, I feel it doesn’t really exist until I’ve tweeted it.

“Also I’d noticed a massive increase in people on my timeline tweeting about Ross, so I thought people would get a laugh from a Poldark bingo card.

“The whole thing came together very quickly – like in about 10 minutes. And I don’t think anything I’ve ever tweeted has had so many retweets.”