The iPhone weather app is forecasting SNOW for Dublin on Monday

They are forecasting the return of white stuff next week
They are forecasting the return of white stuff next week

A quick glance at the iPhone weather app today will leave Dublin dwellers shaking in their boots.

For the last few days Dublin has resembled the Costa del Sol as the mercury crept up towards 20 degrees.

The mood in the city visibly lifts when the sun comes out and even though it is only Spring it really felt like summer had arrived.

However, a quick look at the forecast for the next few days has scared the beejaysus out of us and has us putting away our shorts and looking again for the scarf and gloves.

Apple's iPhone Weather app is forecasting snow on Monday. Snow. SNOW!


We knew the good weather couldn't last, especially this early in the year, but we didn't think snow would be back in our lives.

Luckily, it seems the folks at Met Eireann are not quite so pessimistic.

Their five-day forecast covers next Monday and while they admit that things will get a lot colder, with frost at night, they make no mention of snow.

Fingers crossed they are right.