The counties that do best on Winning Streak have been revealed

Everyone dreams of making it onto Winning Streak
Everyone dreams of making it onto Winning Streak

A report has revealed the counties that scoop the most cash on big money game show Winning Streak.

The Mirror has looked back at the last 20 episodes of the popular RTE show and the numbers show that two of Ireland's smaller counties are doing the best on the show.

The report breaks down the number of contestants per 100,000 members of population and with seven contestants each, Monaghan and Fermanagh top the charts for getting onto the show.

Ireland's smallest county, Leitrim, with six contestants, are third on the list.

And it is another smaller county, Sligo, who do best per contestant when it comes to bringing home the cash.

Players from Sligo on average took home €104,666, but that number was largely boosted by a recent contestant from the county who scooped €250,000 after spinning the wheel.

Wicklow contestants did next best with each Garden County contestant nabbing €58,000 each on average.

Sligo also topped the list for the most winning tickets sold with nine.

And the unluckiest county is Longford, who had no contestants in the 20 shows in the report.

And if you are wondering which shops are the luckiest, Spar topped the charts with nine winning tickets sold, followed closely by Centra (8), XL Stop n’ Shop (7) and Post Offices sold six lucky three stars tickets.