The 15 best Irish-isms

The 15 best Irish-isms

IT’S GREAT being Irish, isn’t it?

We have Irish mammies, Irish music, Irish humour - all of which are globally recognised and admired.

Then there are little Irish eccentric­ities.

Now, a comical (and slightly comforting) new book, You Know You’re Irish When... by Seamus O’Conaill, brings together the best of them.

You know you’re Irish when…

Going to bed with wet hair is essentially risking your life.

You have more than 20 cousins.

You have a friend who is a writer but haven’t a notion what they’ve written.

Occasionally you sit on the couch and eat a packet of Tayto and a Dairymilk, alternating mouthfuls.

A finger of fudge is just enough.

You have no idea what the difference between Fianna Fail and Fianna Gael.

(Credit: reddit/u/ramblerandgambler)

They’re not errands – they’re messages.

You know what ‘I’m running five minutes late’ really means.

You broke your collarbone while playing for the GAA.

You have actually completed the 12 pubs of Christmas.

You complain about how shite the Rose of Tralee is, but you always watch it.

You complain about how shite the Eurovision is, then get angry when all the countries vote for their neighbours.

Calling someone ‘chicken’ is a term of endearment.

You say ‘sorry’ as a response to just about everything.

You know what is meant by the question: ‘Who’s she having it for?’ .

You Know You’re Irish When…is a pocket book ideal for the Irish abroad. It is written by Seamus O’Conaill and published by O’Brien.