This disturbing spider-in-ear video is actually (thankfully) a fake

Gross... but then not really
Gross... but then not really

A video which sent shivers up the spines of many arachnaphobe at the weekend has been revealed as a fake - thank Christ.

Uploaded by Bruce Branit, the video purportedly showed a spider emerging from a man's ear before receding when the light catches its eyes. 

On his YouTube channel he said: "Swam at Lake of the Ozarks last weekend and got a super painful ear infection. Totally blocked ear canal. Tried to use my phone's camera to see if I could see anything. Found this!"

It immediately went viral when it was uploaded, and many news publications reported it. 

However, there was a dead giveaway. 

The name of Branit’s YouTube channel is 'BranitFX and Lucamax Pictures', who are major players in the special effects industry. They've worked on shows like Breaking Bad and Lost. 

He later confessed the video was a fake via his blog.

"I knew it was gross and horrific, and those things tend to have an audience on the internet," he told BuzzFeed. "But I was surprised how many people, and reporters, never stopped to question it. Especially since it was posted on a channel whose other work are all visual effects."

But... it does happen, and it has happened to a celebrity. 

Katie Melua revealed her close encounter with the arachnid on her Instagram account, complete with fairly awful pictures.

The singer said she had been bothered by a rustling sound in her ear and went to the doctor, who used a micro-vacuum cleaner to remove the creature.

The 30-year-old believes the spider - identified as a member of the salticidae or jumping spider family - had found its way into a pair of earbud headphones.

"'Basically I used these old in-ear monitors to block out sound on a flight. A little spider must have been in them and crawled inside my ear and stayed there for the week," she wrote.

"Though the thing looked TERRIFYING up-close on the doctor's camera, once he took him out ( using a micro Hoover ) it was pretty small, and now its in this little test tube, alive and seemingly fine."