Tesco fit heavy duty alarms on incontinence pads

Tesco fit heavy duty alarms on incontinence pads

Tesco have been forced to fit incontinence pads with heavy duty theft alarms.

There have been several reports of theft regarding the device used to control bladder problems in the supermarket chain, which has led to one store in Leith, Scotland to take their security measures to the next level.

Staff members have decided to tag the Tena pads line attaching it with a siren, which goes off if somebody tries to leave the store without paying.

A Tesco spokesman said: "Our store managers take appropriate security measures based on the needs of the store".

This hi-tech is usually reserved for expensive items such as champagne or electronics.

An anonymous source said: "It could be potentially embarrassing for someone to ask for a store assistant to take the tag off an item such as this.

"Why anyone would try to steal Tena pants, I don't know. It's taking security too far."