Ten strange things found up bums

Ten strange things found up bums

Following on from yesterday’s tale of sexual misadventure sundayworld.com has put together a list of ten strange things found up bums, thanks to the X-Ray archives of The Journal Surgery, Radiopedia, Imgur, Gizmodo and Emedicine.

Yesterday's story about 24-year-old Emma Phillips who had the unfortunate luck of getting a vibrator stuck up her bum prompted a journey through some X-ray archives. 

Some of the following images are from Radiopedia's ‘sexual misadventures' collection, which consists of X-rays, mainly of middle-aged-men, with a plethora of odd and embarrassing insertions.

10) An aubergine

One witty comment left under the image of an aubergine insertion gone wrong said:

"The shape of the aubergine means that once its equator has passed the anal verge it has a tendency to scoot up, up and away.

9) Courgette

8) Pestle

A man arrived in A&E and told doctors that he had a fall while cooking Malaysian food, and the pestle from his pestle and mortar set had somehow found its way up his backside

7) A mobile phone

6) A can of deodorant

5) A tube of Berocca attached to a can of deodorant

This curious insertion aficionado stuffed a can of deodorant with a tube of Berocca effervescent tablets strapped to the top of it up where the sun doesn't shine. 

4) An egg


3) Buzz Lightyear toy

To infinity and beyond

2) Lightbulb

1) A jar of instant coffee

"Great ideas come from great coffee"