Teenager would save dog over his mum

Teenager would save dog over his mum

A heavily-drugged teenager told his mother he'd rather save his pet pooch than her if they were both hanging off the edge of world.

Gabe Rodriguez was dosed up after having his wisdom teeth taken out at the dentist and managed to come up with a hilarious story in his head on his journey back home after the surgery.

In footage posted online, the youngster was reduced to tears as he told his mum Millie that he loves his pet Lincoln more than her.

Although he understood that his mum probably didn't have the "upper body strength to hold herself up", he was prepared to risk it and watch her plummet to her death while he saved his dog.

Millie, from Melissa, Texas, USA, told the Daily Mirror newspaper : "Gabe and Lincoln are best friends. He's had his puppy since he was just a few weeks old. Hearing him battle with himself on the way home while drugged up was just hilarious.

"Obviously I'm glad he loves Lincoln so much. I should probably start building up my upper body strength just in case. When I showed Gabe the video, he just burst out laughing too."