Teen uses false bump and ultrasound images from FakeABaby.com to 'fake pregnancy'

Teen uses false bump and ultrasound images from FakeABaby.com to 'fake pregnancy'

A troubled teenager used FakeABaby.com to con her family, boyfriend and strangers into believing she was expecting triplets.

The un-named 16-year-old girl purchased ultrasound images and even false baby bumps to keep up her bizarre charade.

The teen, from Michigan, US, was showered in gifts at a baby shower and was even offered donations for the young family, reports Fox 2 news.

The girl’s boyfriend, Jordan (16), told the new channel: “I was excited, don’t get me wrong, but I was scared.

"I started looking for jobs the best I could. I was ready to donate all my time."

The young girl’s story began to unravel as she approached her due date.

Jordan’s mother Krissy Wyrabkiewicz said that she became suspicious when she couldn’t find the doctor the girl was supposedly seeing.

"[My son] could never go to the doctors with her," she told the news channel.

Then, the girl posted an ultrasound image of her ‘triplets’ onto a Facebook page called ‘Moms of Triplets’.

It was on this page that a mother from Ohio, US, noticed that the images were fake and traced them back to FakeABaby.com.

Jordan's aunt, Tracy Matthews, told Fox2: "Down to baby A, baby B, baby C, the placements of the babies - they're the exact same.

"You can put them side by side and the only difference you're going to see is that she used a fake doctor that doesn't exist.

"She put my nephew's name on the ultrasound, which you cannot do."

The young girl then claimed to have lost the baby just days before she was due to give birth vial caesarean section.

Jordan’s family raised the alarm and police are now investigating.

The girl has since claimed she lost the babies at six weeks, however some question whether she was ever pregnant to begin with, Fox2 reported.